Great value and top quality tile adhesives, grouts, trims, silicone sealant and many more.

  • Tile Grouts & Adhesives

    Tile Grouts & Adhesives

    Great prices for our tile adhesives and tile grouts in a variety of colours and types.

  • Silicone Sealants

    Silicone Sealants

    Suitable silicone sealants for kitchen, bathroom, wall & floor applications in a wide range of colours.

  • Trims


    Comming soon...

    We are currently uploading the products within this category.

  • Primers


    Preparing floor and wall backgrounds prior to fixing of ceramic/mosaic and natural stone tiles.

  • Tile Maintenance

    Tile Maintenance

    Need to repair your existing tiled floor or wall? Or just would like to keep the tiles clean in a professional way?