Rapid Dry 1 Litre

Tile Rite
Rapid Dry 1 Litre

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  • TypeMaintenance
  • Size1 Litre
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Product codeRDS043

Rapid Dry 1 Litre Product Overview

  • Rapid drying stone & tile impregnator
  • FAST TRACK FORMULA Can be applied instantly to damp stone & grout
  • Protects all types of natural stone & porcelain against staining
  • Dries rapid & Invisible
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Coverage up to 30m2 Per Litre

Product Description

Rapid Drying Stone & Tile Impregnator
Tile Rite Rapid Dry impregnator & Sealer is a VOC compliant solvent-based sealer that can be applied to all types of stone immediately after installation, leaving no hard-to-remove residue and drying rapid & invisible. It penetrates to protect all types of natural stone, travertine, terracotta, limestone, marble, granite, sandstone and many other product types against oil and water-based stains.

The unique formula of Tile Rite Rapid Dry may be applied to damp stone and grout immediately after installation. No waiting around, saving time & money with this unique Fast Track formula.

Tile Rite Rapid Dry impregnator penetrates into absorbent natural stone surfaces and fills the nano pores and capillaries with and invisible film of polymers. This process alters the surface tension of the surface, creating a repelling effect.
This treatment prevents the immediate penetration of water based dirt, oil and grease. Rapid Dry also provides an effective protection against staining.
Durability: up to 20 years dependant on the type of surface and use of the treated material.
It is advised to avoid common off-the-shelf household cleaning products, as these can contain harmful caustics and bleaches, which in turn will affect the performance and longevity of the Tile Rite Product. For regular cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended that Tile Rite Easy Clean is used. For situations that more aggressive cleaning is needed, Tile Rite Power Clean is recommended.

Field of Use:
For invisible protection against staining, aiding easier Cleaning and maintenance of all natural stone surfaces, including polished marble.
Perfect for use on wall and floor surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, suitable to use on table tops, window sills and other sensitive stone surfaces.
Please Note: Although the impregnation process protects against oil and water based staining. Marble and limestone surfaces will remain sensitive to etching from citrus and acid based spillages.

Please note that all limestone, marble and polished stone surfaces are sensitive to acid etching. Substances such as vinegar, wine, lemon juice, ketchup, bleaches, caustics and acid based cleaners will damage the surface and leave dull spots.
Avoid these substances coming into contact with polished and finely honed surfaces. Also, avoid using scouring pads and other abrasives as they will scratch and damage the surface.
Although Rapid All-in-1 aids protection and longevity for the stone against water and oil based staining, it will not offer any protection against any acid, caustic or citrus substances.

Natural stone comes in a variety of different properties (density, porosity, texture etc.) One commonality of natural stone is they all need impregnating with an effective protective treatment. These treatments embellish the stone, guarantee optimal useful properties and ensure the longevity of the natural stone.

Tile Types
Polished Porcelain - YES
Marble - YES
Quarry - YES
Terracotta - YES
Slate - YES
Porcelain - YES
Sandstone - YES
Granite - YES
Travertine - YES
Limestone - YES
Masonry - YES

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